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Last Update: Monday Nov 13

New Markdown and Richtext Editor

New editor for markdown and rich text has been released. Sets the foundation for new collaborative features coming soon.

Squidex 7.1 Released: GraphQL Subscriptions and Translation Status

I am happy to share a couple of new and improved features and give you some guideline how to leverage them.

Unlocking the Power of Advanced Customization and Integration with Squidex

Empower your content strategy with Squidex, the ultimate Headless CMS: Master advanced customization and seamless integration.

Squidex 7.0 Release Candidate 3 released

The hopefully last release candidate for 7.0 has been released and this is a good moment to introduce the new changes of this major version. This version has been battle tested with existing databases and a lot of new API tests that also covers areas of the product that have not been tested automatically yet.

New Feature: Content Embedding

A new feature has just been landed that allows content embedding into text fields such as markdown or rich-text.

Notifo is OpenSource now

Notifo is a general purpose notification framework. It has been developed for Squidex to be able to subscribe to changes for a single content item or schema, contributors or whatever you are interested in and to get push notifications when something changes. It is Open Source and available for everybody now.

Better Preview with Squidex

By default a headless CMS is very decoupled from the frontends. This makes it much harder for your content editors, because they lack in understanding where a content is used. The main problem is that the frontend is not controlled by the headless CMS. Therefore integrated editing features are hard to implement. But Squidex has some features to make the live easier for your content editors.

Introducing the image resizer service

Squidex performance is mainly driven by external services like MongoDB. To improve scalability it is important to keep CPU work low. Therefore a small microservice has been introduced to outsource image resizing.

The SaaS support model

I get a lot of questions from people over different channels. Some users write me emails with technical questions, other use skype or slack or github issues. And most of the time I write the following answer:

Dear User, Please understand that we only give support over the community forum. Please open a support ticket there and it will be answered as soon as possible.

In this blog post I want to explain the reasons behind that.

How fast is my query in a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is very similar to a database. It provides an API and user interface to manage your content of course you can also retrieve the content using. In almost every use case you want to apply a filter to only query the content items you actually need. The question is: How fast are these queries and filters?

Feature Updates January 2021: Geolocation search and more

January 2021 is packed with a lot of small and bigger improvements. One of the highlights is the support for geo searches for geolocation fields. In this blog post, I will showcase the most important improvements.

Folder structures are hard

One of the most requested feature in Squidex are folders for assets and perhaps contents as well and it is in our priority list one of the top-most item. But unfortunately it has not been handled yet, and here is why:

Traffic Costs from June 2020 on

Hello together,

this is just an information for our customers.

Over the last weeks and months, the traffic has exploded and also the costs. So far we have not charged anything for traffic but for some of our customers we have more costs that we get from the the monthly plan.

Introducing Notifo - The new notification system for Squidex

I have not created a new feature update for a while. And the reason was not that I was not working on new stuff. In contrary I am very busy with a new notification system for Squidex.

First feature update 2020

It is almost 4 months now that we published the latest feature update. But we should definitely do it on a more regular basis because Squidex is improved every day and new features go out to the Cloud and to the self hosted version almost every week.

Therefore we have a lot to talk about in this blog post. It is actually that much that we have to focus on the most important features.

Upcoming change to our pricing model

We believe in a fair pay per usage model that is predictable and scalable. Therefore we decided to make the pricing based on our cost factors, which are costs for servers and traffic. The costs for servers can be converted to API calls which is used as our main driver for our pricing model.

OpenSource and SaaS: Our challenging journey 2019

If you have subscribed to a newsletter of another startup you have very likely received an email with a summary about the year 2019. It was all exciting and awesome. New features have been developed, people have been hired and sales have gone up. But honestly this is boring. There are so many challenges you have to face as a new company and in this article I would like to talk about ours.

Lets improve the Documentation

Developers have a love-hate relationship with documentation. We love it when a project or piece of software has a good documentation, that explains the architecture, has good setup instructions and just describes everything that needs to be documented. But we hate to write documentation by ourself. We have chosen a programming language because a normal language is so verbose and imprecise.

Big October Update with many awesome features

We are so happy to announce the big October update. This will bring in so many new features that you should grab a cup of coffee first to be ready for this blog post.

Squidex 3.0 is now live

Our biggest update to date, 3.0, has officially been rolled out onto the cloud this week and we are super stoked about it. The major update comes filled with brand new features designed specifically for teams using Squidex’s CMS.