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Last Update: Monday Nov 18

Folder structures are hard

One of the most requested feature in Squidex are folders for assets and perhaps contents as well and it is in our priority list one of the top-most item. But unfortunately it has not been handled yet, and here is why:

Lets improve the Documentation

Developers have a love-hate relationship with documentation. We love it when a project or piece of software has a good documentation, that explains the architecture, has good setup instructions and just describes everything that needs to be documented. But we hate to write documentation by ourself. We have chosen a programming language because a normal language is so verbose and imprecise.

Big October Update with many awesome features

We are so happy to announce the big October update. This will bring in so many new features that you should grab a cup of coffee first to be ready for this blog post.

Squidex 3.0 is now live

Our biggest update to date, 3.0, has officially been rolled out onto the cloud this week and we are super stoked about it. The major update comes filled with brand new features designed specifically for teams using Squidex’s CMS.