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Last Update: Monday Mar 09

First feature update 2020

It is almost 4 months now that we published the latest feature update. But we should definitely do it on a more regular basis because Squidex is improved every day and new features go out to the Cloud and to the self hosted version almost every week.

Therefore we have a lot to talk about in this blog post. It is actually that much that we have to focus on the most important features.

Upcoming change to our pricing model

We believe in a fair pay per usage model that is predictable and scalable. Therefore we decided to make the pricing based on our cost factors, which are costs for servers and traffic. The costs for servers can be converted to API calls which is used as our main driver for our pricing model.

OpenSource and SaaS: Our challenging journey 2019

If you have subscribed to a newsletter of another startup you have very likely received an email with a summary about the year 2019. It was all exciting and awesome. New features have been developed, people have been hired and sales have gone up. But honestly this is boring. There are so many challenges you have to face as a new company and in this article I would like to talk about ours.

Folder structures are hard

One of the most requested feature in Squidex are folders for assets and perhaps contents as well and it is in our priority list one of the top-most item. But unfortunately it has not been handled yet, and here is why: