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Last Update: Monday May 25

Traffic Costs from June 2020 on

Hello together,

this is just an information for our customers.

Over the last weeks and months, the traffic has exploded and also the costs. So far we have not charged anything for traffic but for some of our customers we have more costs that we get from the the monthly plan.

Introducing Notifo - The new notification system for Squidex

I have not created a new feature update for a while. And the reason was not that I was not working on new stuff. In contrary I am very busy with a new notification system for Squidex.

First feature update 2020

It is almost 4 months now that we published the latest feature update. But we should definitely do it on a more regular basis because Squidex is improved every day and new features go out to the Cloud and to the self hosted version almost every week.

Therefore we have a lot to talk about in this blog post. It is actually that much that we have to focus on the most important features.

Upcoming change to our pricing model

We believe in a fair pay per usage model that is predictable and scalable. Therefore we decided to make the pricing based on our cost factors, which are costs for servers and traffic. The costs for servers can be converted to API calls which is used as our main driver for our pricing model.