Pricing and Plans

All about usage and support options

Hosting Options

Squidex Cloud (SaaS)

Get ready within 10 minutes and use our Cloud Infrastructure, located in Frankfurt Germany.

  • No upfront costs for servers or setup
  • No maintenance costs
  • Daily backups
  • Automatic feature updates
  • Replicated data storage
  • Failover cluster mode
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Self hosted Solution

Use the Open Source version and install Squidex on your own hardware, virtual machine or Cloud.

  • Full control over configuration
  • Custom identity server (OIDC)
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  • Starter
    • 20.000 API Calls per Month
    • 2 GB Traffic per Month
    • 500 MB Storage
    • 2 Contributors
    • Assets CDN
    • Assets CDN
    Needs the following label on each website page or in your mobile applications:
    Powered By
  • Basic
    per month
    € 190,00 per year
    • 100.000 API Calls per Month
    • 20 GB GB Traffic per Month
    • 5 GB Storage
    • 10 Contributors
    • Assets CDN
    • Assets CDN
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  • Best Value
    per month
    € 490,00 per year
    • 500.000 API Calls per Month
    • 50 GB Traffic per Month
    • 25 GB Storage
    • 20 Contributors
    • Contents CDN
    • Assets CDN
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  • Business
    per month
    € 990,00 per year
    • 1.500.000 API Calls per Month
    • 100 GB Traffic per Month
    • 100 GB Storage
    • 50 Contributors
    • Contents CDN
    • Assets CDN
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan is a support package, which is independent from hosting. If you use Cloud offering or self hosting, we can support you with technical support for content-modeling, extensions, monitoring and hosting.

What happens when I exceed the traffic limit?

The Traffic limits are included in each plan. If you reach your limit, you app stays active and alive but additional traffic will be charged for 0,13€ / GB. We forward our traffic costs from Google Cloud ( to our customers, with only a small surcharge on top for the additional billing costs from our side.

What happens when I exceed the API limits?

The API limits are included contingents in each plan. Additional plans will be charged for 0.2€ / 1000 API Calls at the end of the month using the last active plan. In addition to that, each plan has also a limit of three times the API limit. The limit for the free plan is 20.000 API calls and all paid plans have a limit of 3 times the included API calls. For example the Basic plan has a limit of 300.000 API Calls. When you reach the limit your API calls get blocked, but we will inform you when we can foresee that you will reach your contingent.

Do you have discount for yearly packages?

All packages are also available as a yearly option. You get 2 months for free per year.

Can I move from the cloud to a self hosted solution or back?

Yes, Squidex provides backup functionality out of the box. You can create a backup in the cloud and then restore this backup in your own installation. You can also open a support request to restore a backup in the Cloud.

Are there any differences between Cloud and self-hosted version?

No, the features are almost identical. There are some small differences around hosting, logging, payment and usage tracking, that are solely added to the Cloud version.

How do I receive a Service Level Agreement?

Service Level Agreements are available in our Enterprise Plans but feel free to reach out to our team about your specific requests and we will see how we can best meet your needs.

Are there custom pricing options available?

Yes! We understand that every business has different needs. Our goal is to provide you with the tools that can help you achieve your vision for your company. Just contact us and will work with you to find the best solution for your company.

Do I need a credit card to signup for Squidex?

No, you can start with the Basic plan and use all features for free. When you want to upgrade to another plan you need a credit card for the purchase.

What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards from all major credit card providers. If you need more payment options you can contact us.