First feature update 2020

Sunday May 24

It is almost 4 months now that we published the latest feature update. But we should definitely do it on a more regular basis because Squidex is improved every day and new features go out to the Cloud and to the self hosted version almost every week.

Therefore we have a lot to talk about in this blog post. It is actually that much that we have to focus on the most important features.

Asset improvements

A big focus was the improvements to the asset system. We have integrated a lot of features that are not provided by other headless CMS solutions. Need a proof? Just checkout our new comparison page where we list all the features:

Asset folders

Asset folders are one of the biggest updates. Before that we have given you the option to organize your assets with tags, but many content editors are used to working with folders and therefore we have listened to your feedback and implemented it for you.

Asset FoldersAsset Folders

Focal points

Focal points or focus points in the fine arts and photography are the points of interest, for example the center of a face. You can define your focal point to ensure that a key part of an image won't get cropped. Focal points are particularly useful for responsive layouts, when the same image may be displayed in different sizes.

Define your focal pointDefine your focal point

Image editor

We have also integrated a very restricted image editor so that you can resize, rotate or crop your uploaded image.


Asset metadata and protected assets

The last improvements are around asset metadata. Squidex has been improved with a third library to extract more useful metadata from media files for example audio or video codec information. Furthermore you can mark an asset as protected, so that only users with an authentication token can download the file.

Asset MetadataAsset Metadata

Stock images

This feature is not directly related to assets, but we have added a new editor for string fields that integrates into Squidex. You can search for images and when you select a photo the download url is added as a content field value.

Unsplash PhotosUnsplash Photos

Custom List fields and reference fields

Besides updates to the assets we have also made the UI more customizable. You can now define the fields you want to show in list fields including meta fields.

List FieldsList Fields

With the Reference fields tab you can use a different view when the content items is referenced by other items.

CDN support

The cloud version has CDN support now to help you delivering the content work wide. This feature is available for professional and business plans and has reduced costs.

More information is available in the documentation:

Just more stuff

We have even more features released:

  1. A global search to search for all contents, assets, schemas and settings in your app.
  2. Improvements to the caching system.
  3. Usage notifications when you reach your included API calls.
  4. Measurement of traffic.
  5. Mentions of users in the contents comments.
  6. Notifications when you get mentioned in the mentions.
  7. Update of rich text editor to newest version.
  8. Improvements to full text search.

I hope you are excited about the new features. If you are looking for something else, write a feature request in our forum: