Squidex 3.0 is now live

Saturday Oct 19

Our biggest update to date, 3.0, has officially been rolled out onto the cloud this week and we are super stoked about it. The major update comes filled with brand new features designed specifically for teams using Squidex’s CMS.

More and more companies and organizations are now starting to adopt Squidex into their workflows, and with it comes fresh challenges for us to answer. The latest version, 3.0, is dedicated to resolving issues arising from complex work structures and hierarchies.

New Workflow system

The biggest segment of this rollout is a brand-new workflow system. Let’s look into that a bit. Previously, there were only three stages for content work on Squidex by default: drafts for review, publish on to the platform of your choice, or archive for later use. And while this was the flow we had been using, the same steps don’t apply to every content project within an organization.

Also, when teams are working on the same content, it’s even more challenging, especially when the tools don’t support it. There are so many options for users to choose from, and chances of them doing someone else’s job by mistake is high.

Our version 3.0 solves this for you.

Here’s the big one on this update: we have launched an all new workflow management system on the Squidex CMS. This update empowers users to take control and create a customized workflow for each or all of your content tasks.

Take the three stages of content, Drafting, Publishing or Archiving. This sequence may hold true for some of your content types, but not all of them. May be a certain published material doesn’t need to be archived. Or maybe there is a project which requires all three stages, unlike the rest of them which don’t, but also requires an extra review from a colleague of a different department.

With Squidex 3.0 you can now create indefinite structures for your workflows for content tasks at hand, collectively or individually. Create a simple workflow for managing your basic processes or create a specialised workflow for your articles, or even an extra review flow for just one interview article. Now the process is entirely in your hands, add or remove as many of the stages as required.

New WorkflowNew Workflow

Furthermore, with each new workflow, you can now also assign specific tasks to individual user profiles. Once the tasks have been identified and assigned, every team player will see options only relevant to his role, and all other options will be hidden from him.

Collapsible map editor

One more thing coming with this update: to make Squidex simple to use and to navigate around – we have launched a collapsible map option. You do not need to look at it every time you log in. Click to expand or collapse, it now answers to your request.

All these new workflow features are massive, and helps tremendously with work shared within teams and organizations. And this also gives Squidex a whole new dimension to add to its services.