New Markdown and Richtext Editor

Monday Nov 13

New editor for markdown and rich text has been released. Sets the foundation for new collaborative features coming soon.

We are happy to announce the new content editor.

New EditorNew Editor

Empowering Change with remirror Framework

It will replace the existing editors for markdown and rich text and is based on the amazing remirror framework to provide a customized solution. There are several reasons for this editor:

  1. **User Friendly Approach
    **The current markdown editor was great for developers, because we are used to write markdown for our documentation and readme files. But have heard many times that content editors don't need to see the syntax and just want to have a normal editor. The current solution offers just that, but depending on your feedback we might add a developer view where you can use the normal markdown syntax.

  2. **Customization and Feature Implementation
    **With the previous editors it was not possible the make all requested customization and to implement your feature requests. The markdown editor was also not maintained anymore and it was difficult to build features on top of that. Therefore it was time for a new solution.

  3. **Enhancing Collaboration with Squidex
    **We are planning to improve the collaborative experience with Squidex. For example better comments, annotations and live collaboration where many content writes can work on the same content item. This is very complex feature and impossible to build from scratch. Therefore we need support from the editor to make this possible. The current editor provides a very good integration to YJS which be will be the foundation for these features.

Keeping Options Open

With every release things can go wrong and sometimes new features are not well received. Therefore the old editors are sill available as custom editors.

  • The old markdown editor is available here: Source Code

  • The old rich text editor is available here: Source Code

Just follow the instructions to build the editor and upload the files to your web server. These projects can also be the foundation for your customizations.

Your Feedback Matters!

We hope that you like the new editor. Please test it out and provide your feedback.