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Squidex enables you to manage content in a central place and to use your tech stack for apps, websites and services.

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Define Structure

The first step is to define the structure of your content. For each content type you define a schema. For example a blog post might have the following fields: A title, a description and a the text.For each field you can define you want to edit it and validation rules to keep your data consistent.

Create Content

Create and manage your content in the management portal and publish the content if you are ready to go. All activity is tracked and deleting a content means just hiding it. You’ll never irreversible lose data again.

Populate through API

Once the content is created you can consume it from your client applications. For example from your mobile application, a website or just another server. We create a swagger document for your schemas and an API documentation. Of course you can also create, update or delete content from your clients.


  • Sebastian Stehle
    CTO / Software Engineer
  • Qaisar Ahmad
    Interaction Designer