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Squidex enables you to manage content in a central place and to use your tech stack for apps, websites and services.

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Squidex is a very developer friendly CMS. Not only do you get a lots of options but you can actually run it all on your own premise and infrastructure. Together with the admin interface this made Squidex very appealing to us.

The documentation is excellent and you can get started using Squidex before finishing a cup of coffee. Squidex is evolving and with every update the interface becomes easier and better to use.

The support is great where the Squidex team tries to help whenever they can. Even going as far as providing detailed debugging help.

We have chosen Squidex as the solution to replace a legacy keystone.

Alexander Alemayhu, Fortress Reklamebyrå AS

Using squidex enables us to have a worry-free and fast management of our dynamic website content and even for business-related configurations. With the easy REST API, we included it within an hour in our application and had the content management available for our non technical people, without having to build an administration UI.

The support is very quick and we even got new features we needed for free in a short period of time. We strongly recommend it to other developers to get a fast, reliable and smooth solution.

Boas Enkler - CTO, Green Parrot GmbH

Squidex allowed us to extend our materials platform with rich content quickly.

The API is intuitive and easy to use, which allowed us to incorporate it in exactly the way we wanted - which ultimately helps us to deliver more value to our customers by educating them about materials and their usage.

In case of any issues, support was always nice and helpful.

Christian Uhl, Matmatch GmbH

Squidex stands out above every other content management system. It is powerful, flexible and simple to use. Even better, it is very easy to extend to meet the needs of our clients.

Sebastian has been fantastic to work with, from providing support to constantly adding new features and improving performance.

We would recommend Squidex to anyone looking for an api first content management system.

Derek Begnoche - Lead Engineer, CivicPlus

Squidex offers us a flexible and easy to use content management system as a service. With the API driven approach we can easily create our own front-end website in our preferred technology stack.

We highly recommend it when creating your blog, landingpage or product catalogus.

Jeroen van den Burg,

When I ran Squidex I was radically impressed with how feature complete, attractive and stable it was compared to other offerings. In addition, it fit our architecture perfectly with support for MongoDb and advanced clustering.

We’re running multiple nodes in production and it’s been lightening fast and worry free.

The non-programmers love the simplicity of the UI and the access to data previously unavailable for them to admin.

Jaben Cargman – Project Lead, CaptiveAire Inc.
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Define Structure

The first step is to define the structure of your content. For each content type you define a schema. For example a blog post might have the following fields: A title, a description and a the text.For each field you can define you want to edit it and validation rules to keep your data consistent.

Create Content

Create and manage your content in the management portal and publish the content if you are ready to go. All activity is tracked and deleting a content means just hiding it. You’ll never irreversible lose data again.

Populate through API

Once the content is created you can consume it from your client applications. For example from your mobile application, a website or just another server. We create a swagger document for your schemas and an API documentation. Of course you can also create, update or delete content from your clients.


  • Sebastian Stehle
    CTO / Software Engineer
  • Qaisar Ahmad
    Interaction Designer