Lets improve the Documentation

Saturday Nov 16

Developers have a love-hate relationship with documentation. We love it when a project or piece of software has a good documentation, that explains the architecture, has good setup instructions and just describes everything that needs to be documented. But we hate to write documentation by ourself. We have chosen a programming language because a normal language is so verbose and imprecise.

Our goal

Documentation is a very important aspect and we believe Squidex documentation needs to be better. Therefore my co-founder Faizan and I decided to improve the documentation in November. Our plan is to spend a dedicated time each day to improve it and to keep you up to date every day. Of course it does not stop after November. We hope, that we can find a good routine that helps us to improve our documentation continuously.

How can I help?

If you wish to help make Squidex better, you are more than welcome. Here is what you can do:

  1. Create an account in our support forum: https://support.squidex.io/
  2. Let us know, which parts of Squidex are hard to understand or challenging, so that we can focus on the right things.
  3. Rate the current documentation.
  4. Provide general feedback about the documentation.
  5. Write or improve our documentation and create a pull request with your changes or additions in Github: https://github.com/squidex/squidex-docs2

Rate the documentationRate the documentation

Of course we also try to build a company to make money, but overall our goal is to create a great Open Source experience. And this requires the help of the community. If you use Squidex and if you enjoy our product, we would appreciate it very much, if you can give something back to the product and the community. We would also like to thank all of our users and participants for helping us make Squidex better.


We promised to share some updates and here they are: