Notifo is OpenSource now

Saturday Mar 12

Notifo is a general purpose notification framework. It has been developed for Squidex to be able to subscribe to changes for a single content item or schema, contributors or whatever you are interested in and to get push notifications when something changes. It is Open Source and available for everybody now.

Notifo in SquidexNotifo in Squidex

The initial idea was to make this solution independent from Squidex and to build a commercial solution, but it takes too much time and energy and there are a lot of competitors with similar feature set. On the other side there is absolutely nothing in the Open Source community like this. Most solutions are either very limited or focus only on mobile push notifications for Android and iOS.

Therefore I have decided to make notifo open source.

Here is how it works:

  • Users subscribe to topics that are defined by a path such as clothes/shoes/nike. It is your job to provide a good UI for that.
  • Your Backend creates events using very specific topic paths, such as clothes/shoes/nike/.
  • Notifo creates user events based on the matching subscriptions. Subscriptions are either for specific paths or parent paths as in the example above and having individual notification preferences.
  • Queues and schedulers are responsible to send notifications to users when the notification has not been confirmed yet.

So far it supports Email, WebPush, SMS and MobilePush (Experimental) and provides a nice and complete UI to manage everything.

Notifo Feature TourNotifo Feature Tour

I hope it is also valuable for your other products. You can find the source code on Github: The source code is much easier to understand and contributions are very welcome. But please note that it is not stable yet and has not reached 1.0, but it is already used in a few applications.