Big October Update with many awesome features

Thursday Oct 24

We are so happy to announce the big October update. This will bring in so many new features that you should grab a cup of coffee first to be ready for this blog post.

Lets start with the biggest feature first:

References to multiple schema items

This feature allows you to create a reference to multiple other schemas. Lets consider we are an online magazine and have pages where we need to be very flexible, which content we want to show and in which order. Now we can create a single reference field to reference all the content items for a page and define which content types we can reference. In our example we allow references to news and articles but not to other schemas.

Define the allowed schemas in the field settingsDefine the allowed schemas in the field settings

When we reference another content item we can switch between the schemas we have allowed, or all schemas if we have not defined any schema.

Switch between the allowed schemasSwitch between the allowed schemas

When you have selected the content items we show the references with all fields that have been marked as list field and the name of the schema.

Multiple content types referenced by a pageMultiple content types referenced by a page

In GraphQL we use a Union Type to support this feature:

Show asset previews in content lists

The second big feature is how we show images in the content list. If a content item references one or more assets where at least one asset is an image, this asset is shown as a preview in the table. To be backwards compatible you have to turn this feature on for each asset field.

Turn on the asset previewTurn on the asset preview

The first image is then shown in the content list:

Image preview in content listImage preview in content list

If you are worried about performance: It requires only one extra call to the database per HTTP request to fetch the preview images for all content items.

Better Rules View

Furthermore we have improved the rules view. You can add names now, which is useful if you have multiple actions of the same type and you also get basic statistics now.

Improved Rules ViewImproved Rules View

Minor improvements

And last, but not least we have introduced a few minor improvements:

  1. Faster logging and general performance improvements.
  2. Better array editor with a preview for each array item.
  3. Improvements to the contributors page to support large Organizations with hundreds of users and mass import features.

I hope you like the new features as much as we do. If you have feedback just write us an email or post them in our support forum:

BTW: If you host Squidex yourself: Support for .NET Core 3.0 will land soon, we are just waiting for the last third party packages to be updated as well.