Choose your frontend technology

Don't let a CMS get in the way of shipping your software.

Work with the tools you love

Many frontend developers try to master a few frontend technologies to create awesome websites in a fast and effective way. But often they are not familiar with the different CMS solutions on the market. If you want to use and extend a CMS you also have to learn PHP and the internals, such as the template engine or the plugin system. This costs a lof of time and you are restricted to the options that are provided by the CMS. If you are a skilled NodeJS developer it is big step to start with a PHP based CMS. It is often too expensive for small and mid size web projects. Squidex decouples your frontend from your content and allowes you to use the tools you love.

What Squidex offers to developers

  1. Your web framework: Use the web frameworks you have mastered and love, such as AngularJS, Angular, Elm, React and Vue.
  2. Consume the content with REST: If your frontend technology is able to make http calls you are ready to use Squidex. You can query and create content from your frontend, mobile applications (Android and iPhone). The documentation for your API is created automatically using Swagger and Redoc.
  3. Powerful queries with GraphQL: GraphQL is a powerful query language, developed by facebook. Squidex offers a GraphQL endpoint to empower your client to decide which data they want. We have also included the graphiql editor to test your queries before implementing them.

Graphiql Editor in SquidexGraphiql Editor in Squidex